Expert Backflow Testing for New York City

Backflow Device Testing to Keep Your Property in Compliance

Properties throughout New York City must install backflow prevention devices to maintain the safety of the potable water supply. If you have one of these devices, it must be tested every year by a certified tester. HBNY Plumbing & Heating has the required training to handle your NYC backflow testing needs.

Don’t Put Off Your Backflow Prevention Testing to the Last Minute

Approved backflow prevention assembly devices protect against back siphonage and back pressure. This preventive measure is important in any location with the potential to produce chemical or biological impurities. Restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and many large residential buildings are required to install backflow prevention equipment.

Since all affected buildings need an annual inspection from a certified tester, it is critical to get your inspection scheduled. Failing to submit an annual report can lead to a $500 fine for non-compliance and eventually, shutting off your water service. Thankfully, HBNY Plumbing & Heating is certified and prepared to handle your backflow inspection needs.

Properties with Backflow Testing Requirements

New York takes backflow prevention seriously. Maintaining your backflow preventer assembly devices keeps the city water safe for drinking and day-to-day use. Some of the properties subject to backflow inspection regulations include:

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Our Backflow Inspection Pricing

Our pricing package for backflow testing is based on the size of the service line. The price includes the cost of testing the device and filing all required paperwork.

Up to 2”

$400 per device

2.5” to 6”

$500 per device

Please be advised that our backflow inspection capacity is filling up quickly. Please schedule your inspection as soon as possible.

Expert Water Backflow Testing Services

NYC requires all backflow testing to be administered by a specially trained and certified tester. If you need an annual backflow preventer testing service at your location, HBNY Plumbing & Heating is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Questions About Backflow Device Testing?

Installing and testing backflow devices is a common issue for New York City property owners. An annual evaluation helps keep the city water supply safe for everyone.

A certified tester must perform your backflow testing. The form you submit must be filled out by the tester and signed by a Licensed Master Plumber.

New York City properties that fall under the backflow requirement must have a backflow prevention device for every water service line.

To schedule a test, you must work with a certified tester. Since HBNY Plumbing & Heating supplies this service, you simply need to contact us!

A Licensed Professional Engineer or Licensed Registered Architect makes this determination.

A New York State-certified tester must test the backflow preventer within 30 days of the initial installation.

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